Excited campers join StarKeeper Lila to board the train for SEASTAR KIDS BIBLE CAMP 2019

Now in its ninth year, SeaStar Kids provides – first and foremost – a week-long summer camp where SeaStar Kids enjoy outdoor fun, crafts, Bible classes, and begin to develop a life-long relationship with God. SSK also now ministers to those program alums that have developed into amazing young adults with remarkable courage, tenacity and faith in the face of extremely challenging life circumstances.

Since 2017, SeaStar Kids has operated the SeaStar Kids Scholarship Program: a program that continues to this day to financially support selected young Ukrainian Christians in their educational pursuits. We are thankful to God that SSK, through the generosity of hundreds of caring people throughout the U.S., can continue to offer this opportunity to these outstanding young people who are already impacting Ukraine’s next generation in a positive, spiritual way.

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Our charity has helped dozens of children in Ukraine to find hope.